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Organic vs Conventional apples…which one wins?

I got a great deal at the farmer’s market today on organic apples. 3 pounds for only $5! What a deal! Did you know that apples are listed as #1 on the Dirty Dozen list of produce to always buy Organic according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Why, might you ask? Apples are highly contaminated because of the pesticide spraying process. Tractors are driven directly next to the apple trees with a mechanical spraying device that shoots out large even spurts of pesticide to coat the leaves AND the exterior of the fruit. This pesticide adheres to the skin and even seeps into the core because the concave shape near the stem creates a perfect bowl-shaped vessel. According to the EWG, the U.S. government and international government groups have proven data that shows a direct link to pesticides and: “brain and nervous system toxicity, cancer, hormone disruption, skin/eye/lung irritation, and even ADHD.” (Source:

Here’s a list of the dirty dozen and clean 15 if you’re interested:

The dirty dozen is produce to buy that should always be organic. The clean 15 is produce that has less pesticides and is safer to eat. But organic is always preferred as you pose the least amount of risk to toxic residue.


I dare you to do a taste test of an organic apple vs. conventional apple. You can literally taste the wax and pesticides on a conventional apple. So next time you’re out buying apples, which kind will you choose?


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