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Coconut Mango Popsicles

These are the most refreshing, tastiest popsicles I’ve made and they’re so simple to make!


1 c frozen organic mango

1 c coconut water

Chia seeds (optional)–see picture on right.

(You can add more/less mangos + coconut water depending on the consistency you want)

Defrost the mangos just a tad, add both ingredients to blender (I used my food processor). Mix and pour into popsicle molds. Place in freezer for about 6 hours or overnight. Kids love them!

popsicle prep

Find Popsicle molds here:

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Tovolo Star Pop Molds, Pink – Set of 6


What are mangos good for? According to Dr. Mercola, “besides having more than 20 different vitamins and minerals, mangos contain flavonoids like betacarotene, alphacarotene, and beta-cryptoxanthin, which help vitamin A to impart antioxidant strength and vision-protecting properties, maintaining healthy mucous membranes and skin.” (Source:

Not all coconut water is created equal. Check out Food Babe’s post on how to buy the best kind of coconut water and which ones to stay away from:

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