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Lunchbox container recommendations

A reader recently asked which Lunchbox containers I recommend. Ideally, you want something that is stainless steel or glass. There is still controversy if BPA free is even safe, but it’s still an option in the lunchbox department. Just make sure you don’t heat anything up in plastic.

This is the one I currently use:


1. Ziploc Container, Divided Rectangle, 2-Count(Pack of 2)This choice, of course, is the most inexpensive.

I plan on getting a stainless steel one like this:

2. LunchBots Duo Stainless Steel Food Container, Stainless Steel


3. EasyLunchboxes 3-compartment Bento Lunch Box Containers “Classic” (Set of 4). BPA-free. Easy-open Lids (Not Leakproof). For Kids and Adults. Work or School Lunches

4. Glass option (I mostly use for re-heating leftovers)
Pyrex 6022369 Storage 14-Piece Round Set, Clear with Blue Lids

Hope this helps! I’m a huge advocate for bringing your own lunch to work or school. When you pack your lunch for you or your family, you know what’s in your food and is overall is a huge cost savings. The average person goes out to eat 5 times a week. An average meal costs approx $10-12/person. That’s about $50-60 for just 5 meals. You could buy 10 meals for the same price on a $150/wk grocery budget. Just saying…think about it next time you even go for a Caribou Coffee run. I just paid $6 for 1# of Organic coffee at the Food Co-op and it’ll last me at least 3 weeks, drinking 1 cup/day. If you bought 1 $4 cup of coffee every day, that’s $84 in 3 weeks. That really ads up! I didn’t intend for this post to get all economical, but hopefully it gives you all something to think about. Another passion of mine is budgeting and finding deals! It’s still fun to splurge every now and then though…

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