Drying herbs from the garden

If I would have know it was this easy to dry and store your own herbs, I would have done this years ago! Talk about a cost savings! All I did was take some twine and hang them up in a cool, dark place like this:


Wait about 2 weeks, chop them up and then store them in a glass jar and it’ll look like this:

Can you guess which one is store bought?

The one on the right is Archer Farms organic parsley from target. I paid about $3 for this small jar. I got the glass jars on the left from Amazon for about $1.50 each. I’m so excited to be stocked with fresh herbs for the winter.

Here’s the dill that I dried as well:

Again, the store bought is on the right.
Notice how the garden herbs are much greener.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! Next time, I will post how to freeze your herbs.

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