Non-Toxic Floor Cleaner

I hope you’re all enjoying learning how to make the switch over to the organic, non toxic world. I’m learning right along with you all. I first started out my journey with changing our food over to organic and now I’m learning and researching ways to make our home non-toxic. I never really thought much about how toxic household cleaning products can be. I had been using the swiffer wet jet system for years, but it gets expensive replacing that purple cleaning solution. So today, my purple container was empty, so instead of running to the store, I thought, this would be the perfect opportunity to make my own! Want to know my husband’s response after I washed our floors? “Wow, they don’t look streaky!” Plus, it even smells good. I’m also pretty happy with the results because I have a dog in the house and I feel better knowing that she’s not walking on chemical floors and then licking her paws. Gotta protect our furry friends too!

Non-Toxic Floor Cleaner


4 cups warm water
1/2 cup White Vinegar
1 tbsp Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap
10 drops Thieves essential oil (you could also substitute Plant Therapy’s Germ Fighter for Thieves to keep costs down)


The hardest part is getting that white cap off of the purple swiffer container. I ran some warm water run over it for a minute to loosen it up and then I had my husband twist it off for me. Make sure to rinse out your old container well. Then I used a funnel and poured all the ingredients into the container. Twist the cap back on, give it a shake to mix and place your new cleaning solution into the wet jet system and start cleaning! Yay for non-toxic floors!!! I used this on my laminate wood floors and tiled bathroom floors. I do not know if this would be recommended on hard wood. I noticed that the container leaked when stored in the holder (since the containers aren’t meant to use more than once), so take it out and store upright when you are done cleaning.

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