Want to boost your immune system?

Last winter was our healthiest cold/flu season yet. Guess how many times we got sick? …ZERO! This home was completely free of GI stomach bugs and respiratory flu bugs! Usually in the fall, my husband and I will start boosting our immune system by taking Vitamin C, Vitamin D and/or Cod Liver Oil supplements. The other secret to not getting sick in the winter is to avoid eating out at restaurants. I don’t know how many times many years ago before we were mostly organic, where we had the stomach flu and could always correlate it back to going out to eat somewhere. It’s miserable and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. Handwashing is so important in preventing germs and illnesses. This season, we’ve also added diffusing Thieves oil to our immune defense (plus it smells like Christmas every day here). We diffuse this in our home daily and apply it on the bottoms of our feet before we do any grocery shopping or when we are out and about around germy people.

We take Vitamin C supplements as well as get plenty of Vitamin C rich foods that Dr. Axe suggests in the article below:

Source Naturals Vitamin C, Sodium Ascorbate Crystals

Click here to view Dr. Axe’s
Top 10 Vitamin C Foods. 


We also take Cod Liver Oil supplements, which is high in Vitamin D:

Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend 


Click here to view Dr. Axe’s
Top 10 Vitamin D Foods. 


Want to know where you can pick up Thieves essential oil? Start here:


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